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Why AODD Pumps Are Perfect for Oil & Gas Industry Applications

Posted by Chad Heimlich on Nov 11, 2021 12:16:25 PM

The oil and gas industry is well known for being comprised of so-called “dirty jobs.” Oil and gas operations personnel know this all too well—and understand they need tough, reliable equipment to stand up to the harshest conditions and to help make their crews’ jobs easier. That’s where air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps come into play. 

AODD pumps are known for being a forgiving technology. They allow you to pump various liquids at a variety of temperatures and handle suspended and non-suspended solids, whereas these factors may wear down other positive displacement pump technology much faster. They also boast many safety and convenience features that other pumps lack. For these reasons, operators in the oil and gas industry and other demanding markets, like mining, the chemical industry, and meat and poultry processing, turn to AODD pumps.

G-Series Dual-Power Pumps Provide Safety & Convenience

While AODD pumps are traditionally operated with compressed air, SANDPIPER also offers a line of G-Series dual-power pumps, which run off of your easily accessible local reserve of natural gas. SANDPIPER’s parent company, Warren Rupp, pioneered the category of gas-operated double diaphragm (GODD) pumps and partnered with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to develop a safety certification for them. 

Today, SANDPIPER is the only GODD pump manufacturer that offers a full range of CSA Blue Star (ANSI LC6) / Blue Flame (Canadian Technical Letter R-14) Certified pumps from ½" to 3" sizes. The G-Series pump line carries the most stringent certifications for safety and reliability for oil and gas applications. They're manufactured to prevent the accumulation of a static electric charge, and are fully groundable to ensure static electricity dissipation. In fact, they're hydrostatically strength tested at pressures of 500 PSI—five times the industry-standard maximum operating pressure of 100 PSI. 

Additionally, G-Series pumps’ elastomeric seals are tested for compatibility with the chemicals expected to be found in both sweet and sour gas. The pumps are also leak tested and snooped at 150 PSI prior to distribution to ensure natural gas emissions are properly contained and they comply with NACE Standard MR0175 / ISO 15156 for corrosion resistance. 

All of these features are designed to give oil and gas operators peace of mind when working around hazardous or combustible gases and fluids. 

Another important component for pumps used in the oil and gas market is convenience. SANDPIPER pumps exclusively feature an externally serviceable air/gas distribution system (ESADS+PLUS), ensuring operators don’t need to do a complete tear-down to service the pumps. With ESADS+PLUS, on-site main air valve or pilot valve repairs take minutes with one wrench and the removal of only four bolts. 

AODD Pumps in Oil & Gas by Application

AODD pumps are suitable for multiple applications in the oil and gas industry in both the upstream and midstream market sectors. Let’s take a look at each one. 

Upstream: Cellar Pump-Out & Drilling Mud Transfer

G-Series Heavy-duty flap valve pumps are either natural gas or compressed air-driven and ideal in the upstream market for cellar sump and mud transfer applications, such as rig cellar sump, mud make-up, filtration, and settling pond transfer. The flap check valve design allows passage of larger solids than traditional ball valve pumps, making them ideal for abrasive slurries, suspended/non-suspended solids, and line-size solids.

Midstream: Tank Bottom Recirculation/Transfer

SANDPIPER G-Series Heavy-duty flap valve pumps also work well in the recirculation of tank bottoms to keep oils, paraffins, and natural gas liquids (NGLs) from separating prior to sending product to separators or hauling off for processing.

Midstream: Sumps & General Transfer

Sumps help gather all liquids such as rainwater, condensate, and waste oil at the well site or off the compressors. AODD and GODD pumps are both solutions to transfer product back to slop oil tanks to be hauled off for processing. 

Midstream: Flare Knockouts

Flare knockouts are a critical application within the oil and gas market. NGLs must be pumped into a vapor-liquid separator or “knockout drum.” GODD or AODD containment duty pumps are both great solutions to safely move this fluid. Due to the nature of the process, standard AODD pumps should not be used for this application.

Midstream: Compression Skid

Many engineering firms are using remote compression skids in their designs because they can be powered safely using natural gas that would normally be flared. The skid size and pressure capabilities vary from site to site, but all sites need lubrication and spill prevention during start-ups, operation, and shut-downs. Operators use GODD pumps for day tanks that store oils and coolants on these skids or in sump applications, either built into the base of the equipment or as stand-alone units. In any case, these fluids need to be contained and moved for treatment.

To learn more about AODD pump applications in the oil and gas industry and how SANDPIPER pumps can help you overcome the toughest challenges in the harshest conditions, reach out to your local distributor

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