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Protect your System Components with Diaphragm Pump Pulsation Suppressors

Pulsation dampeners and diaphragm pump surge suppressors are easily installed tools for surge-free flows and steady liquid pressures.

How A Surge Dampener Works

All air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps create pulsations of product fluid as they operate. A pulsation dampener uses a flexible diaphragm to separate a liquid chamber from a compressed air chamber. As the product fluid pulse enters the liquid chamber, it displaces the diaphragm upward into the compressed air chamber. The force of the compressed air slows the speed of the diaphragm’s displacement and effectively dampens the fluid pulsation.

SANDPIPER’s Pulsation Dampeners for AODD Pumps

SANDPIPER offers three types of pulsation dampeners for your critical application needs. For selection assistance, please see our selection guide.

DA Series – Ideal for Pumps ¾" and Smaller (13 mm)

The DA Series pulsation dampeners utilize a manual charge process, offer a flexible PTFE diaphragm that separates the liquid and compressed air chambers and can be installed in any position. Adjusting the inlet air pressure to the unit until the pump runs smoothly allows the dampener diaphragm to stroke at the same rate as the in-line AODD pump, effectively “dampening” the flow and discharge fluctuations.

DA pulsation dampeners are suitable for SANDPIPER ½" (S05) and ¾" (S07, S10) pump models and are available in polypropylene, PVDF, aluminum or stainless steel wetted housings.

These pulsation dampeners offer:

  • Steadier pressures
  • Less vibration and noise
  • Simple in-line installation
  • Can be installed in any position
  • Protection for other system components

TA Series – Ideal for Metallic Pumps 1" (25 mm) and Above

The SANDPIPER TA Series pulsation dampener will self-adjust to application conditions by inletting or exhausting compressed air from the unit’s air chamber following application of full plant air (not to exceed 125 psi) to the tranquilizer. The pulsation dampener will automatically adjust to its optimum performance condition in order to maximize surge suppression, reducing both piping vibration and noise.

TA pulsation dampeners are suitable for SANDPIPER 1", 1½", 2" and 3" metallic pump models and are available in aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel wetted housings with various diaphragm (elastomer) options.

The TA Series offers:

  • Automatic design
    • Automatically self-charges or self-vents to maintain most efficient air cushion for optimum performance
  • Ease of maintenance
    • External visual indication provides constant evidence of performance
  • Nearly surge-free flow
  • Steadier pressures
  • Less vibration and noise
  • Protection for other system components

Performance Guarantees

Chemical Compatibility Guide

To determine chemical compatibility with this accessory, please refer to our Chemical Compatibility Guide.

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Pulsation Dampensers CAD File

SANDPIPER can provide you with a CAD file to save time and improve the quality of your final design, as well as reduce measurement and documentation packet errors. Contact us today to request yours.


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