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The SANDPIPER air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) product portfolio offers unique series options that have been designed as solutions for your most challenging and critical problems. Over five decades of innovation have resulted in many class-leading options to provide you with the perfect pump for your unique application needs. You can trust SANDPIPER’s wide range of products to satisfy everything from your most basic to most demanding requirements.


DurableDurable-Diaphragm Connecting Rods

Reliable and consistent diaphragm control

ESADSESADS + Plus Air Valve

Externally serviceable air distribution system

Flap ValveFlap Check Valves

Provides large solid abilities

Dynamic_ManifoldDynamic Manifold Connections

90°-180° rotation options

CoatingsEpoxy Coated Internally and Externally

Corrosion resistance for long life

FlushFlush Valve

Quick and easy cleanout of diaphragm chambers

LightweightLightweight & Portable

Weights range from 48 lbs (21 kg)

Bottom_DischargeBottom Discharge

For pumping out of tough areas

BoltedAll Bolted Construction

Durable and high-pressure capable

Solids RangeSolids Range

+1" (25mm) to 3" (76mm)

Superior DrySuperior Dry Prime

Up to 24 ft. (7 m) of water

Flap AccessFlap Access Ports

Easy pump cleanout by hose hookup

SANDPIPER pump selection chart

SANDPIPER Evolution Series

SP Evolution logo

Evolution means optimized performance without sacrificing proven reliability. These pumps have undergone an engineering EVOLUTION, leveraging trusted and proven product designs to improve their performance by application of advanced engineering methods. Unlike the competition, these pumps are fully interchangeable with prior models.

WHEREVER YOU SEE THIS BADGE: These pumps have gone through our Evolution performance improvement. Watch for more Engineering Evolutions to come in the near future!

Evolution Benefits Sample (2" & 3" Standard Duty Pumps)

SANDPIPER's unique combination of best-in-class max flow rates and lowest air consumption makes them the most efficient and economical pumps available.

  • Max flow rate: The S20 is the world leader in maximum flow rate, with up to 32% higher capacity, allowing you to get your work done faster.
  • Air consumption: The S30 requires up to 56% less air to operate, reducing the load on your compressed air system and lowering operating costs.
  • Air economy: SANDPIPER’s metallic standard-duty pumps provide up to 2.5 times more gallons out for every cubic foot of air supplied.
  • Annual savings: SANDPIPER’S metallic standard-duty pumps can save you up to $3,543 in annual operating costs.

Evolution Features
  • Serviceability: The Air Distribution System (ADS) is one of the most frequently serviced parts of any AODD pump. Only SANDPIPER’s ESADS+ feature allows access to the complete ADS without removing the pump from service. Repair or clean in 5 minutes vs. 55 minutes for competitors.
  • Trusted in Simplicity: SANDPIPER’S original Air Distribution System (ADS) has been proven to stand the test of time. Our ADS is fully interchangeable, repairable and inline serviceable. Other manufacturers have frequently changed ADS designs creating issues with interchangeability, obsolete inventory and increased cost of ownership.



SANDPIPER Signature Series

SP Signature Series Logo

Even in the most severe applications and environments, the SANDPIPER Signature Series™ of AODD pumps are engineered to provide industry-leading durability and performance. The SANDPIPER signature series pumps include heavy-duty flap, heavy-duty ball, and containment duty pumps.

  • Heavy-Duty Flap Valve: For fluids containing up to line size solids.
  • Heavy-Duty Ball Valve: For fluids containing settling, suspended & floating solids.
  • Containment-Duty Ball Valve: Exclusive AODD pumps featuring superior fluid containment; protecting your people, environment and pump.

Containment Duty Ball Valve Pumps

The only complete line of AODD pumps featuring superior fluid containment; protecting your people, environment & pump. In typical diaphragm pump applications, when the pumping diaphragm is breached, the fluid enters the air distribution system and escapes into the environment through the muffler, requiring immediate service. With containment duty pumps, when the pumping diaphragm is breached, the fluid enters the containment chamber and visual indicator sight tubes, alerting the user. The fluid is fully contained so the pump can continue running until the operation is complete or maintenance can be scheduled.

    • Perfect for pumping fluids that are dangerous to your people or the environment. Makes repairs easy, as the Air Side of the pump does not get contaminated.
    • When a typical AODD pump has a diaphragm breach, the system fluid passes through the Air Side of the pump and out into the environment. Clean-up is expensive and time-consuming.
    • Features two diaphragms. The space between the diaphragms creates a barrier between the Air Side and Wet Side of the pump, preventing escape of the fluid to the environment when the pumping diaphragm becomes breached.
    • Alerts the user when there is a diaphragm breach before any of the system fluid can escape to the environment. Also available with electronic and mechanical leak detectors.

Containment Duty Pumps: How They Work

Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pumps

For fluids containing up to line size solids, trust the robust design of the SANDPIPER heavy-duty flap valve pumps. These rugged pumps are the ideal solution for abrasive slurries, suspended, non-suspended & line size solids requirements.


    • Large flow area to allow up to line size solids to pass directly through the pump
    • The bottom discharge design helps prevent these solids from settling in the unit.
    • Eliminates common issues with Ball Valve Pumps where large solids are stuck in the suction manifold or small solids settle in the outer chamber, affecting performance
    • Provides superior suction lift capabilities - up to 24 feet in water - 15% greater than Ball Valve pumps
    • Dry prime delivers performance in situations where limited pump priming options
    • Removable Elbows (metallic pumps): By removing the bolts that secure the elbows, it allows access to clear simple clogs without disassembling the entire pump. With the elbows removed, the flap valves can be inspected and/or replaced as needed
    • Clean-Out Cap (non-metallic pumps): by simply removing six bolts securing the clean-out cap, it allows access to clear simple clogs without disassembling the entire. With the clean-out cap removed, the flap valves can be inspected and/or replaced as needed. Four bolts hold the modular flap valves in place for quick maintenance and repair

SANDPIPER Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pump

Heavy Duty Ball Valve Pump


For fluids containing settling, suspended & floating solids, trust the performance and reliability of SANDPIPER Heavy Duty Ball Valve Pumps and their SANDPIPER exclusive features.


  • Top Ported: For fluids containing floating solids, suspended solids, or entrained gases. The discharge port is positioned above the center of the pump for easier evacuation and less build-up of solid material or gases.
  • Down Ported: For fluids containing settling solids. The discharge port is positioned below the center of the pump so solids settle in the elbow and are discharged. This helps reduce wear on the diaphragms and associated components.
  • Side Ported: For use in confined spaces. The ports are positioned with the center of the pump, allowing for installation in smaller, confined spaces.


  • Externally Serviceable Air Distribution System (ESADS)
    • Allows for quick and easy access to the main air drive components without disassembly of the entire pump and / or removing it from service
  • Cross-Drilled Directional Spool Valve
    • Guarantees the pump will not stall and ensures on/off reliability
  • Side Porting Position
    • Only available in certain models
  • Thick Manifold & Chamber Walls
    • Greater wear resistance when pumping solids and solid laden slurries, providing extended service life
  • Large Flow Area
    • Reduces fluid velocity through the pump, which often lessens wear
  • All Bolted Construction
    • Ensure sealing forces are applied evenly across the pump for leak-free operation
  • Heavy Duty Actuator Plungers and Actuator Pins
    • Ensure reliable pilot valve operation, designed to withstand severe applications
  • Robust Diaphragm Connecting Rod
    • Guaranteed not to bend or break; assures reliable and consistent diaphragm operation
  • Diaphragm Wear Pads
    • Extend the life of the diaphragm by reducing the frictional stresses associated with the outer diaphragm plate during operation
    • Diaphragm wear pads are installed between the diaphragm and outer diaphragm plate, providing a secondary wear surface which extends the life of the diaphragm
  • Weighted Elastomeric Check Valve Balls
    • 30-60% heavier than solid rubber check balls, allowing for more consistent chamber filling when dealing with viscous fluids



Traditional AODD pumps are designed for use with air only. Over the years, oil and gas operators have opted to power their diaphragm pumps with easily accessible natural gas. The application of AODD pumps driven by natural gas created a unique set of safety requirements that previously did not exist.

In 2003, SANDPIPER recognized the need and partnered with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA®) to lead the development of the first-ever safety certification for Gas Operated Double Diaphragm (GODD) pumps. CSA Certified GODD pumps are designed and tested to be powered by natural gas when installed according to the certification and local requirements. SANDPIPER is the only GODD pump manufacturer that offers a full range of CSA Blue Star (ANSI LC6) / Blue Flame (Canadian Technical Letter R-14) Certified pumps from ½" to 3" sizes.

Our G-Series Dual Power pump line carries the most stringent certifications for safety and reliability for oil and gas applications and has been used extensively across midstream and upstream applications.

  • Lube oil transfer
  • Glycol recirculation/heat trace
  • Flare knockout
  • Glycol transfer/water make-up
  • Sump/general transfer
  • Tank bottom recirculation/transfer
  • Utility/general transfer
  • Separators and knockout drums
  • General-duty spill cleanup
  • Diesel fuel transfer
  • Seawater pump for drilling mud make-up
  • Produced water/condensate transfer
  • Cellar pump-out and mud transfer

Features & Benefits
  • Flap check valves: ideal for abrasive and viscous fluids, sludges and slurries
  • Solids handling: up to 2" (50 mm)
  • Bottom discharge: Gravity assist is ideal for pumping liquids with settling solids and slurries.
  • Portable: safely and easily transported
  • Superior dry prime: dry suction lift up to 24 ft (7 m) of water

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SANDPIPER AODD pumps deliver industry-leading durability and performance. We offer the broadest range of products for a wide variety of applications. Contact a local distributor to find a SANDPIPER pumping solution that’s backed by superior quality and workmanship.

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