AODD Pumps Perform Flawlessly in Electronics & Semiconductor Manufacturing

In the semiconductor and electronics industry, perfect bonds and seals make the difference between a functional and defective electronic product. Consistent, flawless operating conditions are critical to avoid scrapping expensive parts and missing time-sensitive deliveries in this rapid growth component market.

Choosing the right pump can play a critical role in your overall facility effectiveness.
The engineering innovation behind the SANDPIPER air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump makes it the perfect choice for your semiconductor and electronic production processes. Uniquely engineered designs including:

  • Containment Duty: developed to eliminate leaks and exposure risks when handling caustic acids and chemicals in your manufacturing operations
  • Heavy Duty Flap Valve and Ball Valve: sturdy bolted designs with thick-wall construction to handle the most abrasive slurries common to electronic and semiconductor operations 
  • Wide range of configurable options: chemically compatible elastomers and weighted check balls give maximum flexibility to select the right pump for your precise application

For decades SANDPIPER has been a trusted, reliable, fluid control solutions partner who continues to offer innovative designs to address the increasingly demanding needs of this industry. By applying our AODD pumps to your operation, you can reduce downtime and more efficiently meet your ever-increasing production goals.


  • Analytic & Precision Instruments: manufacturing of items (such as batteries, X-Ray sensors, power sources, computer processors and microelectronics). AODD’s have robust, no-leak design and ability to pump acids and other hazardous materials
  • Semiconductor Wafer: manufacturing of integrated circuits. AODD pumps are a perfect process transfer pump as they can withstand harsh chemicals (hydrogen peroxide, sodium and magnesium hydroxide) and are used to pump slurry to hydrocyclone separators, where recovered for re-use
  • Water Reclaim and Water Treatment: various manufacturing operations create abrasive slurries and use AODD sump pumps for fast and reliable flow transfer

Commonly used SANDPIPER AODD pumps in the electronics and semiconductor industries

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Learn more about certifications available and why it’s important to ground your pump.

To determine the chemical compatibility of these pumps with your application, please refer to our Chemical Compatibility Guide.


Heavy-Duty Ball pumps are able to handle a range of viscous and small solid-laden fluids with exceptional suction lift capabilities.


Heavy-Duty Flap pumps are able to handle line-size solids without clogging the pump due to top suction bottom discharge.

Containment Duty

Containment Duty pumps have a unique design for leak avoidance. Excellent performance in harsh chemical environments. Available in metallic and non-metallic options.


Standard Duty pumps are able to handle general-purpose applications reliability and consistently with a wide range of pumping options.


We offer a range of products to enhance and maximize performance, as well as address specific control needs for electronics and semiconductor pumping applications.



SANDPIPER’s AODD pumps deliver industry-leading durability and performance. Decades of innovation combined with world-class engineering expertise help you achieve your production goals while streamlining your operational efficiency. We offer the broadest range of products for a wide variety of applications. Trust our superior quality and workmanship to deliver reliable solutions for all your critical and demanding pumping needs.

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