SANDPIPER AODD Pumps for Building Product Manufacturing & Construction

Learn why the durability and reliability of SANDPIPER air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps make them the preferred choice for building product manufacturing and construction site applications.

Building Product Manufacturing

Building product manufacturing encompasses a variety of process operations from foundational items like bricks, blocks, shingles and carpet to highly engineered custom solutions such as windows, doors, and insulation. SANDPIPER’s air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps have been a mainstay in this industry, helping building product manufacturers to deliver reliable, quality products that are used across home and work environment every day.

SANDPIPER provides unique AODD pumping designs and solutions that address the most troublesome manufacturing requirements, such as safe fluid containment of hazardous chemical treatment fluids, debris-laden wastewater and sumps, as well corrosive-resistant pumps for handling of in-process fluids and solids.

The SANDPIPER AODD pump portfolio offers an extensive range of products including:

  • Bolted construction ball valve pumps: superior performance over leaky clamp band pump when handling thick viscous fluid transfer like adhesives and glues
  • Heavy-duty flap valve pumps: used to manage fluids with heavy particulates and line-size solids which would clog a typical ball valve pumps
  • Containment duty pumps: create a safe environment for the transfer and handling of toxic hazardous chemicals and treatment fluids

This wide variety of pumping options allow you to choose the perfect SANDPIPER AODD pump for all your building product manufacturing needs. Building Product manufacturing customers trust SANDPIPER when producing their most essential products:

  • Structural: Bricks, masonry, blocks, cement
  • Countertops: Formica, stone cutting, granite, countertop fabricating
  • Interior Finish: Drywall, wallboard, Insulation and fiberglass
  • Exterior Finish: Aluminum extrusions and siding
  • Plumbing and Fixtures: pipes, faucets and bathroom fixtures
  • Roofing: Shingles, tar paper
  • Textiles: carpets and flooring
  • Tiles: ceiling, floor and roof
  • Glass: Windows and doors
  • Wood and composites: doors, framing, cabinets

Typical application needs when manufacturing the above products include processing, manufacturing, loading/unloading, general and high-flow transfer, wastewater, sump, filter press, chemical treatment, sludge/sediment removal and batching.

Construction Sites & Municipalities

Properly preparing a construction site lays the foundation for a successful project. Groundwater mitigation is essential for not only providing a safe work environment but also for creating a firm, dry base which offers completed project durability. The most common tool used on every site is a dewatering pump. Using the right pump for the job ensures a project stays on schedule and on budget.

For municipalities, an unexpected weather event, such as a flash flood, can create an emergency requiring immediate mitigation of water which is why every municipal truck must be outfitted with the right equipment to quickly and safely remove unwanted water or other fluids. SANDPIPER’s submersible centrifugal pumps are the versatile choice offering both air-driven and 12-volt DC electrically-operated options.


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Learn more about certifications available and why it’s important to ground your pump.

To determine the chemical compatibility of these pumps with your application, please refer to our Chemical Compatibility Guide.


Heavy-Duty Ball pumps are able to handle a range of viscous and small solid-laden fluids with exceptional suction lift capabilities.


Heavy-Duty Flap pumps are able to handle line-size solids without clogging the pump due to top suction bottom discharge.

Containment Duty

Containment Duty pumps have a unique design for leak avoidance. Excellent performance in harsh chemical environments. Available in metallic and non-metallic options.


Standard Duty pumps are able to handle general-purpose applications reliability and consistently with a wide range of pumping options.

High Pressure (Single- and Double-Diaphragm Pumps)

High-Pressure pumps are 2:1 air-powered and discharge pressure up to 250 psi.


Submersible pumps are highly portable and sturdy enough for rough handling.


We offer a range of products to enhance and maximize performance, as well as address specific control needs for building product pumping applications.


SANDPIPER’s AODD pumps deliver industry-leading durability and performance. Decades of innovation combined with world-class engineering expertise help you achieve your production goals while streamlining your operational efficiency. We offer the broadest range of products for a wide variety of applications. Trust our superior quality and workmanship to deliver reliable solutions for all your critical and demanding pumping needs.

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