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Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf AODD Pumps: Which Is Right for Your Application?

Posted by Jake Weston on Nov 3, 2020 11:00:00 AM

HDF3-HDF4-Metallic-3-Flap-ValveMany industries rely on pumps to keep their systems running smoothly. A pump that fails to meet your application or environmental requirements can have a devastating effect on your business. 

Many companies experience leaks, loss of flow, unplanned downtime, lost revenue, safety risks for your employees and even environmental issues if fluid escapes your facility. Choosing the right pump can streamline your operation and reduce downtime, saving you time and money. 

When selecting a pump for your plant or job site, the possibilities are virtually endless. With so many pumps on the market, it can be tough to find the information you need to make the right choice.

When it comes to reliability, durability and versatility, one pump is a cut above the rest: the air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump


AODD pumps are exceptionally effective at transferring almost any viscous fluid safely and reliably. As a leading AODD pump manufacturer, SANDPIPER provides the best solutions for demanding pump applications. 

Markets offering common AODD pump applications include:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Ceramics
  • Chemical
  • Environmental/Wastewater
  • Sanitary
  • Marine/Rail/Ground Transportation
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Steel & Metal

Decades of innovation and world-class engineering expertise allow the SANDPIPER team to offer off-the-shelf AODD pumps as well as fully customizable solutions that outperform the competition in terms of reliability, robustness, and adaptability

Customization Capabilities

No matter the circumstances, SANDPIPER can provide custom engineered solutions to maximize the productivity of all processes. Custom pump construction examples of our systems include:

  • Skid systems
  • High-pressure, filter press feed systems
  • Mobile skid systems
  • Custom environmental protection packaging
  • Heat jacket systems
  • Nuclear industry waste handling and flushing systems

In addition to custom systems, we also offer:

  • Custom lab testing ensuring pumps can perform at specific duty points
  • Surface finish polishing to meet specific hygienic requirements
  • Multiple porting options for pre-existing pipe configurations or tight spaces
  • Coating options for center sections and complete pumps used to combat harsh environments and chemicals
  • Alternative materials and construction combinations, allowing you to select the best pump for your applicationNew call-to-action

Differences Between Custom and Off-the-Shelf Pumps

  • Price: Generally, the price will go up with a custom pump due to the increased resources required for manufacturing or testing. If a customer wants a specific certification, for example, time has to be devoted to research that certification and what’s needed to obtain it (i.e., testing involved).

Situations in Which a Custom Pump Is Better Than an Off-the-Shelf Pump

Custom pumps are typically used in troublesome applications where standard-duty AODD pumps or other technologies fall short. In these situations, various products have usually been tried but a satisfactory solution has not been found. Due to the potential health and/or environmental risks, it’s critical to have these options within our portfolio to continue solving customers’ pumping problems.  

Rugged and Reliable AODD Pumps for Tough Applications

Our world-class team of industry professionals provides a wide range of resources to address your pumping needs, from straightforward AODD pump applications to your most complex industrial challenges. 

Some applications require customized systems. You need an AODD pump manufacturer with the engineering expertise and experience to handle designing and building a custom pumping system. At SANDPIPER, we can help you determine the best pump for your application. 

Even in the most severe applications and environments, the SANDPIPER Signature Series™ of AODD pumps is engineered to provide industry-leading durability and performance. The SANDPIPER Signature Series pumps include heavy-duty flap, heavy-duty ball and containment-duty pumps.

  • Heavy-Duty Flap Valve: For fluids containing up to line size solids
  • Heavy-Duty Ball Valve: For fluids containing settling, suspended and floating solids
  • Containment-Duty Ball Valve: Exclusive AODD pumps featuring superior fluid containment, protecting your people, environment and pump

If you have questions or comments about anything in this post, contact us or a local distributor.

Share your experiences with custom versus off-the-shelf AODD pumps in the comments below.

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