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Best of - Evolution X

Posted by Chad Heimlich on Apr 24, 2024 3:22:39 PM

“Best in class” is a term that gets thrown around a lot in manufacturing. At SANDPIPER, we mean it.

Our "Good, Better, SANDPIPER" blog post series walks you through why SANDPIPER air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps live up to the “best in class” moniker, outperforming other AODD pumps in the performance categories and attributes most important to end users and distributors across various applications and markets.

Read on to learn why the SANDPIPER EvolutionX modular pump is the best 1” non-metallic AODD pump on the market, leading the way in several categories, chief among them being serviceability.

Supreme serviceability

In any business, time is money. Downtime is detrimental. It’s no different for AODD pump users. If something goes wrong, you want to service your pump effortlessly, getting in and out of the pump as quickly as possible and getting your production line back up and running fast

An advantage of the EvolutionX is the ability to service the airside directly on the line by removing just four bolts. Most of the pump’s components are accessible, preventing you from having to do a full pump teardown and rebuild.

While the frequency of service you can expect varies widely depending on the application, it’s fair to say the EvolutionX cuts down on the total time required to maintain your pump.

Other pumps may take an hour to several hours of downtime — or in some cases even days if you’re waiting on replacement parts. The EvolutionX drastically reduces downtime due to its smart design that incorporates interchangeable parts and has been optimized for serviceability.

For example, the EvolutionX features:
  • An innovative air cartridge design that allows you to easily access the sleeve/spool to clean and replace it;
  • Symmetrical airside components that can be attached in either direction;
  • Wetside nuts and bolts that are the same length and size;
  • Fewer fasteners than other pumps; and
  • Construction that fits competitors’ footprints and is designed for stability when the pump is upright or turned on its side, making placement and torquing easy.

These features build on the exclusive SANDPIPER externally serviceable air distribution system (ESADS+), which allows for easy access to the pilot and spool valves, enabling remote site serviceability in under five minutes.

Impressive efficiency & air flow

The EvolutionX also boasts best-in-class energy efficiency, using less air compared to other AODD pumps in its class.

This feature equates to less strain on the air compressor, allowing you to use less energy and reduce your carbon footprint. When you have numerous non-metallic 1” pumps across your operations and you swap them in for newer, more energy-efficient models like the EvolutionX, you’ll use less compressed air and exert less stress on the pump over time, leading to greater uptime and ultimately cost savings over the long term.

This pump also has higher flow rates (up to 63 gpm) than any other 1” AODD pump on the market.

Continuous improvement

EvolutionX’s predecessor, the SANDPIPER Evolution, was already an effective, best-selling pump. So why did the team at Warren Rupp, SANDPIPER’s parent company, decide to develop another non-metallic 1” pump? To stay ahead of the curve and help pump users improve their operations and get the most out of their AODD pumps

The EvolutionX is slightly smaller in size than its predecessor, yet it remains robust and can even handle higher pressures than the prior pumps.

It is the best in pressure, the best in flow, and is simpler due to fewer external fasteners than other pumps, making it easier and quicker to service the airside compared to the competition. Other pumps typically take a minimum of one hour to service, including a complete teardown and rebuild. The EvolutionX takes five minutes, making it by far the best-in-class AODD pump for serviceability.

As always, when you choose SANDPIPER you’re choosing a world-class team of engineering experts with a bevy of technical resources, troubleshooting tips, and a proven line of parts and accessories.

To learn more about how EvolutionX is setting a new industry standard, download the pump’s brochure, data sheet, or manual; talk to a SANDPIPER expert; or find an authorized distributor today

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