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Are You Using the Correct AODD Pump?

Posted by Vince Shiplet on Sep 16, 2020 1:42:00 PM

Many industries across the world depend on pumps to keep their processes running smoothly. A malfunctioning pump can lead to unplanned downtime, which leads to lost revenue.

When selecting a pump for your plant or job site, the possibilities are virtually endless. You need a pump that is:

  • Reliable: Offering continuous, trouble-free performance
  • Versatile: Effective at handling a wide range of fluid types, from clean water to viscous, abrasive product
  • Easy to Maintain: Resources available, making for easy, cost-effective maintenance

With so many pumps on the market, including centrifugal, lobe, gear, screw, hose and piston/plunger, it can be tough to find the information you need to make the right choice.

One type of pump, however, has proven itself as a market leader when it comes to reliability, versatility and ease of maintenance: the air-operated double diaphragm pump (AODD).


AODD pumps deliver unique benefits that are unrivaled by other pump technologies, which is why a wide range of industries rely on them to keep their operations running smoothly. These pumps require little maintenance and are cost-effective solutions for transferring almost any viscous fluid safely. Here are some additional benefits of AODD pumps:

  • Can run dry without damaging the pump or system
  • Can pump solid-laden fluids without pump or product damage
  • Are self-priming and work in suction lift applications
  • Deadhead safely with no pump or product damage
  • Are shear sensitive and don't separate the product being pumped
  • Require no electricity and can be fully grounded
  • Low initial purchase price compared to other technologies
  • Are submersible (some models) with no safety or performance issues
  • Seal-less design without expensive mechanical seals or packing
  • Variable flow and head pressures without sophisticated controls

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Industry-Leading Durability and Performance

For more than 55 years, SANDPIPER has provided best-in-class pumping and engineering innovations for your most difficult and demanding challenges.

Even in the most severe applications and environments, SANDPIPER’s Signature Series™ of AODD pumps are engineered to provide industry-leading durability and performance. These pumps include:

  • Heavy-Duty Flap Valve: For fluids containing up to line-size solids
  • Heavy-Duty Ball Valve: For fluids containing settling, suspended and floating solids
  • Containment-Duty Ball Valve: For highly corrosive and hazardous chemical applications

There’s a lot that goes into choosing the right pump, but the process can be simplified if you know your application, environment, sizing/porting requirements, maintenance capabilities and budget.

You can count on consistency, reliability and trouble-free operation of SANDPIPER pumps to meet your most challenging application needs. Have questions about whether SANDPIPER can provide the pumping solutions for your next project? Reach out today, find a local distributor, or leave your question as a comment below.


Have tips for how to choose the correct pump? Share them in the comments.

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