Oil & Gas

SANDPIPER's Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps are ideal for the Oil & Gas market, specifically in the applications listed below.

  • Lube Oil Transfer
  • Glycol Recirculation / Heat Trace
  • Flare Knockout
  • Glycol Transfer / Water Make-Up
  • Sump / General Transfer
  • Tank Bottom Recirculation / Transfer
  • Utility / General Transfer
  • Separators & Knockout Drums
  • General Duty Spill Clean-Up
  • Diesel Fuel Transfer
  • Sea Water Pump for Drilling Mud Make-Up
  • Produced Water / Condensate Transfer
  • Cellar Pump-Out & Mud Transfer


SANDPIPER Drillers Series pumps operate on compressed air and are designed for the toughest drilling applications.

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G-Series Dual Power pumps carry the most stringent certifications for safety and reliability in the double diaphragm pump industry.

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Air Operated Drillers Series For Drilling Applications

Now ABS Certified

​SANDPIPER Drillers Series pumps operate on compressed air and are designed for the toughest drilling applications. The durable roll cage and skid base configurations provide portability and pump protection. The flap check valve design allows passage of larger solids than traditional ball valve pumps and is ideal for your drilling applications. 

The exclusive bottom discharge porting arrangement provides superior suction lift and eliminates the damage from settling solids in your pump. This Heavy Duty pump features thick wall construction and is enhanced with an extended wear package

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Features & Benefits

Flap Check Valves

Ideal for abrasive & viscous fluids, sludge & slurry

Solids Handling

Up to 3" (75mm)

Bottom Discharge

Gravity assist is ideal for pumping liquids with settling solids and slurry


Safely and easily transported

Superior Dry Prime

Dry suction lift up to 24' (7m) of water

Bottom Discharge Porting

Eliminate the damage from settling solids in your pump, with the exclusive bottom discharge capabilities of our Heavy Duty Ball Valve and Heavy Duty Flap Valve pump lines.

  • Prevent broken diaphragm plates
  • Ensure even diaphragm wear for longevity
  • Eliminate diaphragm rod damage
  • See our connecting rod guarantee

Ideal for Drilling Applications:

Drillers Series pumps have been engineered to meet the needs of these applications:

  • Drilling Mud
  • Cellar Sump
  • Mud Make-Up
  • General Transfer
  • Filtration
  • Settling Pond Transfer



Diaphragm Pumps for the Oil & Gas Market

Traditional AODD pumps are designed for use with air only. Over the years, oil and gas operators have opted to power their diaphragm pumps with easily accessible natural gas. The application of AODD pumps driven by natural gas created a unique set of safety requirements that previously did not exist. In 2003, SANDPIPER recognized the need and partnered with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA®) to lead the development of the first-ever safety certification for Gas Operated Double Diaphragm (GODD) pumps. CSA Certified GODD pumps are designed and tested to be powered by natural gas when installed according to the certification and local requirements. 

SANDPIPER is the only GODD pump manufacturer that offers a full range of CSA Blue Star (ANSI LC6) / Blue Flame (Canadian Technical Letter R-14) Certified pumps from ½” to 3” sizes. Our G-Series Dual Power pump line carries the most stringent certifications for safety and reliability in the double diaphragm pump industry and is proven successful in worldwide oil and gas applications.

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Certified Safe & Reliable Operation


SANDPIPER pumps comply with the broadest set of certifications and standards in the industry

Fully Groundable

Pumps are ATEX compliant and safe in potentially explosive atmospheres by ensuring static electricity dissipation

Dual Power Sources

All SANDPIPER pumps operate using compressed air, but we also have CSA Certified G-Series pumps available for running off of your local reserve of natural gas


All SANDPIPER G-Series pumps feature Dual Power capabilities and may be safely powered by compressed air or natural gas depending on the application, which offers simplified purchasing, maintenance and training while reducing inventory


The Widest Range of Certified Safe & Reliable Natural Gas Operated Pumps

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The Industry's Only CSA Gas Operated Flap Valve Pumps

Recommended Applications
  • Tank Bottom Recirculation / Transfer
  • Sump / Utility / General Transfer

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Gas Line Preparation & Regulation for Safety & Improved Pump Life

CSA Certified Natural Gas Pressure Regulators

  • Safe, reliable and environmentally friendly.
  • The ONLY CSA Certified point-of-use natural gas regulators available on the market today!

Natural Gas Filters

  • For superior particulate protection in systems with high concentrations of solid contaminants.
  • Built from durable and lightweight aluminum, feature very high dirt-holding capacity, and offer lower pressure drop than other comparable products.

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Wash, Lube, Oil, etc.
Mix & Cast, Glaze, etc.
Injection, Process, etc.
Milling, Filtration, etc.
Coating, Dewatering, etc.
Transfer, Packaging, etc.
Bilge, Cleaning, etc.
Utility, Dewatering, etc.
Transfer, Clean-up, etc.
Feeds, Transfer, etc.
Batching, Bleaching, etc.
Sludge, Screening, etc.