WR10 ⅜" (10 mm) Non-Metallic – Standard-Duty AODD Pump


    The SANDPIPER WR10 ⅜" (10 mm) Non-Metallic Standard-Duty AODD Pump is the ideal solution when high performance and dependability are required from a small and compact pump.

    This portable AODD pump shares similar envelope dimensions with a standard ¼" pump, but has almost double the flow rate. It features a patented air valve system to provide non-stalling, non-icing, lube-free operation for years of dependable service.

    The pump is fitted with spring-loaded check valves, which enable it to be mounted in any position to suit application needs: upright, sideways and even inverted.

    The manifolds rotate 90⁰, so you can adjust the pump’s porting orientation as needed. Available in both polypropylene and PVDF (Kynar) materials of construction, this small, yet powerful pump is ideally suited for dispensing inks, coatings, car wash chemicals, paints, oils, adhesives and other chemicals.

    WR10 Features and Benefits

    • Ultra-compact and lightweight design
    • Durable bolted construction for reliability
    • High performance with flow rates of up to 6.8 gpm (26 lpm)
    • Flexible mounting options
    • Easy to service

    Performance Guarantees

    Chemical Compatibility Guide

    To determine chemical compatibility with this pump, please refer to our Chemical Compatibility Guide.

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    Port Size ⅜" NPT / BSP
    Capacity 0 to 6.8 gpm (25.7 lpm)
    Air Distribution Valve No-lube, no-stall design
    Solids-Handling Up to .10" (2.25 mm)
    Heads Up To 3.5 psi or 8 ft of water (.24 bar or 2.44 meters)
    Displacement/Stroke .009 gallons (.034 liters)
    Max Operating Pressure 100 psi (7 bar)
    Shipping Weight

    3 lbs (1 kg)
    4½ lbs (2 kg)


    WR10 non-metallic performance chart


    WR10 CAD File

    SANDPIPER can provide you with a CAD file to save time and improve the quality of your final design, as well as reduce measurement and documentation packet errors. Contact us today to request yours.


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