SANDPIPER's Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps are ideal for the Pharma / Personal Care market, specifically in the applications listed below.

  • Filter Press
  • Utility (Portable)
  • Tanker/Railcar Unloading
  • Bulk Transfer
  • Day Tank Transfer
  • Batching
  • Chemical Feed
  • FDA Compliant
  • Personal Hygiene/Cosmetics


Certifications available for pumps in this market include:

Commonly used pumps include:

Standard FDA

Premium FDA


Wash, Lube, Oil, etc.
Mix & Cast, Glaze, etc.
Injection, Process, etc.
Milling, Filtration, etc.
Coating, Dewatering, etc.
Transfer, Packaging, etc.
Bilge, Cleaning, etc.
Utility, Dewatering, etc.
Transfer, Clean-up, etc.
Feeds, Transfer, etc.
Batching, Bleaching, etc.
Sludge, Screening, etc.