Pump Control with Versatile Capabilities

Our pumps are designed to operate WITHOUT lubrication & this is the preferred mode of operation. In applications with poor quality air supplies or where nitrogen is being utilized to operate the pump, lubrication of the compressed air supply is required. For these situations, we offer a complete line of Lubricators that easily connect to our Filter / Regulators.

Filter Regulators

SANDPIPER genuine Filter / Regulators are specifically developed for air operated double diaphragm pumps. They provide clean, dry air to your AODD pump, while offering modular convenience for easy installation and service.

Reduced Maintenance
Clean, regulated air is the key to trouble free pump operation
Lower Operating Costs
Lower energy costs through reduced air consumption & less demand on compressors
Extended Pump Life
Reduce the stress on wear components by proportioning the air pressure to the required amount
Properly sized & engineered to optimize pump performance
Pump Protection
Protects the pump’s main air valve by efficiently removing solid & liquid contaminants from air lines
Safe Operation
Operate your pump at the lowest required air pressure for your application
Compact & Convenient
Our modular Filter / Regulators filter & regulate your air supply in a single, easy to install unit
Precise Pump Control
Easy air pressure adjustment to vary the pump’s flow rate & operate the pump at the optimal speed